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Bug Birthday Party

Bug Birthday Invitation

I hope I am not being a pest by reminding you…. This was the 1st party I started getting into the planning and creating of fun themes for my son joe.. For my son’s 2nd birthday I did a bug theme. I bought a whole bunch of plastic bugs to use as decorations and for the invitation. Lets just say I am STILL finding those bugs around. I don’t think we did any party games that year, the kids were just too little. The invites were fun to make, simple and cute. The cake was a pain but came out really cute.

Caterpillar Bug CakeJoey Blowing out the candles

The cake I got the pan from william sonoma, it was a caterpillar pan. I did 3 versions of cake, chocolate, vanilla, and angel food. Yes, that meant baking with the pan 3 times… But I needed that many. The decorations were pretty simple, just frosting and sprinkles. I cut leaves out of green napkins and placed each segment on a napkin. I bought some green AstroTurf  to cover my dining room table and sprinkled that bugs.

The Invitation  I put a plastic bug on the outside. I found the wording ideas on the internet and just modified it to work for the invite.

Bug Favor Bag Tags

The favor bags  I filled them with bug candy, and these cute bug jars from oriental trading which I put some of the plastic bugs


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