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Ladybug Party

Victoria's First Birthday

Our Little Ladybug is turning 1! Our daughter Victoria turned 1 in october. I did a ladybug theme which was cute, lots of red, black, and white. I have to credit a lot of places that inspired me . I decided to do cupcakes and a giant cupcake cake  for Victoria. The cupcake were chocolate with chocolate frosting and I topped them with fondant ladybugs. (1) I found a great tutorial from crafty penguins on how to do the ladybug toppers.  For her cake, I had visions of grandeur where I was going to do her cake with green frosting and fondant leaves with fondant ladybugs on them, but at 11:00 at night I scratched that idea and just made some fondant ladybugs and used white frosting. It came out good enough for me. The ladybugs cupcakes were really the main attraction. It was only my second time working with fondant and it was getting late so some of the cupcakes didn’t get the ladybugs (there were 24 cupcakes…. and since one has to do it after the kids are in bed…..I figured that some people would not want to eat the fondant anyway….).

ladybug invitation designThe Invitation This was fun and easy to do. The first time I worked with divots and it wasn’t that hard. I found the idea on the internet and then modified it to my tastes. The second image shown here is showing the actual page layout, one page was the wings and the second page had the head and photo. I cut them out by hand and attached the wings to the ladybug with divots. I made the labels for the envelopes as leaves (shown in 5). If people are interested I can put up a template of how I did this.

The outfit I think I saw the legwarmers and decided the whole theme based on them. Legwarmers, who knew they could be so cute on kids! I got her a black skirt that had a ruffle butt underneath (3), which by end of party we took off the skirt cause the diaper cover was so cute. (2) The onesie she is wearing is from etsy store To be stitched  and the hair bow is from another etsy store Sammy Banany’s Hair Bows and More (though I can’t find the exact one anymore). (4) I also got the chocolate covered raspberry marshmallows from koshka cookies and they were to die for! I made the the favor tags myself.


14 comments on “Ladybug Party

  1. Jessica
    May 7, 2012

    Can you show me how you did the invitations please…im planning my daughters first birthday as well

  2. Kaley
    August 22, 2012

    I am interested in the invitation!

  3. estephanie
    October 17, 2012

    I love the invitation idea…. Is there any cheaper way if you do them yourself?.
    I love to do everything myself if its possible!.

  4. estephanie monge quiroz
    October 31, 2012

    I would love to get the template for the invitations. I’ve been looking and can’t find it. Please I really love how yours came out!.

  5. Angel
    September 20, 2013

    I just love how your invitations look, I’m so interested in the template to create these invites myself. My daughter is turning 1 in Oct. 2013 and I would love to have these as her invittations. 🙂 Absolutley beautiful

  6. Maria Noland
    June 13, 2015

    Hello, I’m interested in the red lady bug invitations. Can I order them from you if I don’t want to order them?

    • Maria Noland
      June 14, 2015

      Sorry that’s supposed to say if I don’t want the printable version. I want them to open up like the one shown with her pic inside.

      • bsquaredesigns
        June 14, 2015

        hah, I was wondering how to reply to you wanting to order them if you didn’t want to order them. You can order the printed version here:

        and just to be clear, the printable version means that you just do the work, I supply the file and you print, cut and assemble. Both end products are the same design, with the wings opening up.

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