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Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate Party Welcome Sign

Ahoy me hearty! Your invited to a Pirate Party. This party was lots of fun. I decided to do a pirate theme for Joey’s 3rd birthday. I did a scavenger hunt and a buried treasure for the party games. When the guests came to the party they were greeted with a sign which told them to get an dressed for the party with a foam sword (target was selling them for $1.00, score!) eye patch, and a pirate hat. The scavenger hunt (2) I did with pictures instead of clues to make it more fun for the little guys. Each clue had a picture of something around the house which would have another clue. I put some on the dogs, my husband, etc to make it more fun. Well maybe the dogs didn’t think it was fun…but the kids did! For the buried treasure (1) I got some gold coins and jewels and buried them in our turtle sandbox. The kids loved it.

Pirate Party Games

Pirate Birthday Cake

The cakes For the cakes I did a fleet of ships. I used bread pans to create the ‘ships’, they kinda looked like coffins, but overall came out ok. I made the signs on the printer and just attached them with wooden sticks. My son helped me do the bases for the cakes, we had cardboard sheets which he stamped with underwater sea creature stamps. I then covered them in blue plastic. I threw a couple jelly sharks around them to add to the underwater theme. For the big cake I used a regular size bread pan and then just cut the corners off to make it more ship like. I put Joey’s photo on the flags.

Pirate Party InvitationThe Invitation The invitation was a lot of fun to do. I searched the internet on how to make paper looked aged. Basically you print your invitation, then get some coffee and brush it over the invitations so they are saturated, not soaked. I put it in the oven at 200 till they were almost dry. I took them out and then used the left over coffee to rub the edges to make it look frayed and burnt. And then I crumpled it. The red cardstock I repeated the procedure, I think I soaked it so it was wettish, crumpled it and then put it in the oven to dry. I rubbed the edges again on the card to make it look worn. I can’t quite remember the order, coffee then crumple and bake or coffee, bake, then crumple… you might have to play with it. They came out really good. I found some pirate fonts on the internet for free and voila! A pirate birthday invitation.

Pirate Birthday Banner

The Banner  I made the banner and it wasn’t too difficult. Just alternated the pattern of red and black stripes and dots. I bought red and black ribbon which I just threaded it through. I think I fit 2 squares on an 8.5 x 11 page and printed it out on cardstock.

Pirate Thank You card

Thank You card  I drew this. I think I copied the boy from something I found on the internet and then just drew our dog brutus in illustrator.

Favor Bag tags (3) I made these and just printed them out on 8.5 x 11 label paper.


2 comments on “Pirate Birthday Party

  1. Did you buy any chance save the templates for the banner? Its awesome!

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