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Driving While Talking on The Phone

cardboard box cars

Inspired by the godforsaken *#@(*$#*%&#%*$ fire alarm that had a low battery in my bedroom. Being unable to reach the alarm on my 15 ft wall, I had to wait till the morning until I could get the extended ladder from the garage (husband was traveling). Which made me sleep on the couch… and did I sleep? I really don’t know….but it did lead to creating these cars to entertain the children. For the cars I was inspired by this site, homemaking fun, but did some modifications to pimp the car a little. I added some cup holders and made pink wheels sparkly wheels for my daughter and blue for my son. Amazingly victoria sat in it for a good 1/2 hour playing with her brother. And all was well. For the wheels I used party plates and stuck them on with glue. All the rest was adhesive sparkly foam (left over from the super hero party)

Dis is where we put our drinks

when boxes and dino's collide


Round 2. Oh yeah, we made them better. We painted them and added windshields and doors. The windshield was super easy, just took the flap and added some triangles to keep it up. And then white foam covering. Even my dog wanted in…


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