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ROAR! Joseph is turning 5!

I am not done with this, but thought I should share what I have since I have been ridiculously lazy since I opened my etsy store. But now back to the blog to hopefully inspire! So we are doing a dinosaur theme for joey’s bday. We are going to be getting a reptile guy to come and show some fossils and reptiles. Hopefully it will work out and Joey won’t be scared!! I am going with orange and green. I got a great idea for doing a box invitation from this site: . Here is my starting point. I am not done with the invite yet, but it is getting there. I decided to use kraft paper for an older look for the invitation. And for the magnifying glass I got these amazing ones from Oriental trading and I painted the handles of the magnifying glass to match my colors. You can get ones with pretty colored handles from oriental trading, but people said they didn’t really magnify anything. So I paid a little more for the ones that would magnify, and then made them cooler with acrylic paint. One thing I learned when painting them, you should only do one side. The green on the left is both sides, kinda looks a bit dull, where the orange is only painted on the bottom, so the top has a more glassy look.

The picture doesn’t clearly show it. But if you do it, you will see the difference.

My husband came up with the brilliant idea of doing some small text on the back of the invite, so the kids/parents have to use the magnifying glass, so I will be adding some dino facts. I am got some dinosaur eggs from oriental trading that I am going to hide around the yard and the kids will use these buckets to get them. This is my trial run of the names on the buckets, done in paper first to make sure it works, then will do it with the vinyl next.

Then I am going to have cupcakes with these toppers I created

So check back soon! After August I will have the finishing results of how it all came together. Wish me luck!

I am finally getting back to my blog. They party was a hit! I designed this banner and strung it up on our kitchen wall to greet everyone.

Happy Birthday Banner (which I designed).

Birthday Tent

and the hunt for dino eggs begins. This litterly took the kids 10 minutes. Never underestimate the speed of 5 year olds. I ordered some dino eggs from Oriental Traders, they came 72 to a pack. And they were okay…. not the greatest toy, but whatever.

buckets for the dinosaur egg hunt.

and then onto the fossil dig… I bought some brushes and painted them green and orange and then buried some fossils in some sand. the fossils were ordered from oriental traders… those were cute.

Pit-o-fossils with some brushes

and then came the animal experience. We got a guy to come and show some real fossils and reptiles. I have to say the guy was great! Had just the right amount of poop and yucky talk for the kids and the reptiles were pretty cool.

My birthday son! With a lizard on his lap.

I made us all shirts (but decided dad shouldn’t wear his… too cheezy). I was momosaurus, then there was joeyasaurus, and victoriasaurus.

Poor victoria fell out of bed the night before so she had a fat lip… roar!

Birthday Boy and Me

and onto the cake…lets just say, I can’t be good at everything. The thing is, I have no patience, and when I have to do the cake, it is usually after the kids are in bed, so like 8:00 baking begins (though I did figure out I could bake the cake in the afternoon and then let it cool until after bedtime). So waiting for the cake to cool to do the fondant and frosting and the thing didn’t come out of the pan clean… lets just say holy disaster adverted by fondant. But then I didn’t let anyone eat it cause of all the man handling I had to do. And I had cupcakes delivered so all was well.

my cake… which I didn’t allow anyone to eat… the man handling I had to do to make it look decent!

milk containers, how cute! I filled them with milk and then put them in the fridge.

I ordered these cute milk containers from an etsy store: PinkLemonadeParty. I attached the paper straws, twine and some of the kraft paper I had left over from the invites. Though, I will say I think these paper straws, while cute and pretty, effect the taste of the drink. Lets just say I was using one to drink some wine (yeah, got something to say? Have you been to birthday parties where you don’t want to drink? LOL). And the paper was totally making the wine taste bad.


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