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Pumpkin Party for our little Pumpkin!

And I am done with birthdays this year! Whoohoo! Though I am already thinking about Victoria’s next year… going to do a halloween party! But lets finish up this years pumpkin bash!

So basically we went with a pumpkin theme. I designed the cards myself and I think they came out fun. We went with orange and green, which worked out perfectly because I had a lot of leftover stuff from my son’s dinosaur party. I wanted to use mason jars somehow, so I did the cupcakes in them. Which I will say was so much easier then actual cupcakes. And I figured out the easiest way to do it, which I will share. But lets start with the easy stuff.

I found all my idea’s on etsy, which I will give props to the stores. I saw these creative paper silverware holders found here and that made me think about doing a photo one. But then I knew I wouldn’t have time to do it, so I decided to put something else together. I used paper bags, attached some fabric tape and photos, and viola, a similar, cheaper version. I got the 4×6 paper bags and fabric tape (along with the wooden spoons that are on the cupcake jars) from this etsy store: InTheClear absolutely wonderful customer service and speedy delivery. So basically I cut about 1/2 an inch into the bag so I could fold it down, I wanted the napkin and silverware to be showing. I applied the tape to the fold and then printed and punched out 2″ circles of pictures of victoria from birth to 2 years.

Next up is the mason jar cupcakes. Let me tell you my solve… don’t do the cupcakes, do a sheet cake. If you do a sheet cake you can use the a circle cookie cutter (I got one of those round sets that have 10 sizes in it) and cut out the cake. Then it is just 2 layers with frosting. I did 2 flavors, red velvet and pumpkin spice. The red velvet never comes out as red, I don’t know what I am doing wrong… but as I stated in a previous post.. I can’t be good at everything! LOL. I put labels on the tops of the jars and attached a spoon with some twine. The twine and label paper was all leftovers from my son’s party. The spoons I got from InTheClear and had stamped with various sayings.

pumpkin spice and red velvet mason jar deserts.

I got a bunch of pumpkins for the kids to decorate with stickers and then I made up these favors, which I got the idea from another etsy store. I think they came out cute. I am not going to explain how to do them, cause I feel bad about not buying them, but that is how I roll….

hot coco favors

For the actual party we rented a pony, from a The Well Dressed Pony, a wonderful place and they brought some adorable goats, bunny, and chickens (though, who wants to pet a chicken… not me). It was a big hit and all the kids had fun.

The goats in the pumpkin patch.. they were so cute!

Joey and the chickens

Victoria on the pony

Victoria fell in love with this bunny and wouldn’t move, she put her head on it and it just stayed there!

And for the pumpkin decorating. I had a bunch of left over adhesive foam and felt (from the superhero party) that I used. I had some mustache art that I printed and traced onto the felt and foam. I put each ‘face’ in a little bag and then let the kids choose which face they wanted.

Some of the stickers I had printed and cut out for pumpkin decorating. I had some adhesive sparkly foam from a previous birthday that I also used.


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