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Scientifically Awesome Birthday

Mad Science Banner and Gift Bags

The periodical table banner and gift bags

Periodic Table Banner

Periodic Table Banner

I finished my son’s 6th birthday party and every year I am like, why, why do I do this to myself! But I think it came out well. I wanted to showcase the items I sell in my etsy store and it is a good way to use my stuff to make sure it all works.

I did 2 science experiments elephant toothpaste and instant snow. Both were easy and the kids loved it… I will say some kids hands got a little colored from the food coloring in the elephant toothpaste, but it was all in good fun (perhaps less food coloring next time!). We used a science guy from mad scientists and he was pretty good… kept the kids entertained and that is all that mattered.

Here is the elephant toothpaste:

ImageElephant Toothpaste signImage

I did jello shots for the kids, I never get how they eat the petri dish jello….

Mad Scientist Jello Shot

Non-alcoholic jello shots, they were a hit with the kids.



It was all good until the boys figured out it could be a jello shooter… boys will be boys..

I also had radioactive fish

Mad Scientist Radioactive Fish

Warning Sign Mad Science Party

Warning Sign

I created signs that read: Warning, you are about to eat Cicer arietinum, Daucus carota, apium graveolens! Which is celery, carrots, and hummus. lol.

Science Birthday Party PopCorn

Explosive PopCorn! Warning!

Overall it was fun! My son never knew science could be so much fun! Happy Birthday Joey!


You can find these designs in my etsy store:


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