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Ready, Set, LEGO!

So, this year I was inspired by a client. My son, loves legos, and she ordered some pretty cool lego invites (which I created,lol). And it inspired me to do a party theme around that. I had started on a minecraft party, but he changed his mind, which is understandable since I try to nail down the ideas months in advance.

So the invite was a bag, with a top and an insert. I initially was going to just put random lego pieces, but then I found these on amazon, and at $2.00 a car, it was a steal. Yes, they are not legos, but they did the job. Search for 12 mini building block vehicles if the link doesn’t work: So I opened them up and put the parts with the instructions in my bag.

Lego Invitation

Then came the next big part, the race track. I scoured the internet to come up with simple race tracks, because one must have a race track for a lego race car party. Now to begin with, my husband is not very handy with the building BUT he did an amazing job! He bought everything at home depot, nothing fancy. (1) 2 x 10 and (3) 1″ x 10. We made sure the cars fit the path, which they did, and then spray painted the parts before attaching them.

I found some checkerboard duck tape to use for the start line and also some yellow duckt tape. I cut out the numbers with my silhouette.

Lego race car track

we made this pretty easily. Everything was bought at home depot.


Then I made up a great racing chart so the kids could easily follow who was advancing to the next round. I divided them up into teams and made badges.

Lego Badge

Race Chart

Then for decorations I filled vases with legos and stuck signs in that looked like winning ribbons đŸ™‚

DSCN0768 DSCN0763

For the favors, I found some small lego kits and created a package for it. Like this lego snail, it came from ToyWiz and undid it and found the directions on the lego site, and made my own package for it. Also did lego crayons which were easier then I thought.

DSCN0767 DSCN0766 DSCN0729 DSCN0719

For snacks I did popcorn, which I put foam circles on the outside to make look like legos.

lego food

Lego snacks!

And then I added a couple signs, refueling station, pit stop (where I had extra lego pieces to help add on their cars)


all in all it seemed like a success! And we got tons of legos which joey and I love doing. Happy birthday buddy!



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